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Recent clinical trials found that
supplementation with Astaxanthin
increases moisture and
improves elasticity to the skin and
thereby decreases the
formation of fine wrinkles.

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Ultra Hi-Power Capsules w/ Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin Supplements have been in the Ultra Hi-Power multi-vitamin from the start. It is the First Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Antioxidant formula to include 1.5% Astaxanthin. The new Ultra Hi-Power also includes 100mg of Resveratrol, the amount contained in 500 glasses of red wine. As early as 1997, the prestigious journal Science reported on the cancer preventive activity of Resveratrol and more recent studies—including research at Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Aging—indicate that high doses of Resveratrol may offset the damaging effects of high-calorie diets.

Significant cardio-vascular benefits of this powerful phytonutrient have been widely publicized on 60 Minutes, Oprah, Barbara Walters and in the Health & Nutrition section of The New York Times.

The newly formulated Ultra Hi-Power is one of the first multi-nutrient capsules to contain the “super” carotenoid, Astaxanthin. This naturally occurring red pigment found in Wild Salmon has been shown to help prevent arterial plaque, a major factor in heart disease. Recent clinical trials found that supplementation with astaxanthin increases moisture and improves elasticity to the skin and thereby decreases the formation of fine wrinkles.

Other important & exciting changes include the addition of R-Lipoic Acid (one of the most effective forms of Alpha-Lipoic Acid) which is a potent fat and water soluble antioxidant shown to neutralize toxins in the blood and protect nerve function. Other antioxidants include a buffered form of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and the carotenoids, as well as Vitamin E in two forms: 200 units of the best biologically available succinate form and 200 units of mixed tocopherols, which include the gamma form, important for cardiovascular and cerebral circulation. Small quantities of SOD and catalase, although not absorbed by the small intestine, may be beneficial locally.

Like the Original Hi-Power supplement, key features of the Ultra Hi-Power formula continue to supply RNA (ribonucleic acids) for cell energy, the most effective, patented selenium and high potency magnesium so important for the nervous system and proper heart function. There are 300mg of calcium equal to an 8oz glass of milk, a well-balanced group of B vitamins and other vital minerals, as well as the immune boosting compound Lycopene (found in tomatoes). 400 I.U. of Vitamin D3 maintain adequate D levels, help calcium absorption and for its other functions as a vitamin/hormone.

Just as important as the nutrients included in the Hi-Power formula are the nutrients not included such as Iron and Vitamin K.

The body recycles iron from the degradation of old red cells so most adults do not need extra iron which can be a harmful oxidant. Almost half of the Vitamin K one needs is made in the small intestine and it is readily available from green vegetables. More importantly, Vitamin K may be counterproductive for many people taking blood thinners.

The Ultra Hi-Power capsules are taken in divided doses with meals. Recommended dose is six capsules a day, although two twice a day will provide considerable benefits.

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